What I do at work

A few years ago, I participated in my high school’s career day. I talked about my work at a blockchain start-up and preached the gospel of Bitcoin. It felt like a waste of everyone’s time because I don’t think the students understood what I was saying. How could they understand what it means to “improve API performance” when they don’t understand what an API is? I was certainly lost when I was in their shoes and attended my career day. This series of posts tells the story of each of my jobs and explains concepts and situations so that people without prior experience can follow along.

I was inspired by this post on the Effective Altruism forums: You should write about your job (archive). For anonymity and in cryptographic tradition, each story uses the same names based on order of appearance: Alice, Bob, Carol, Dave, Erin, Frank, Grace, Heidi, Ivan, and Judy.

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Company Role Dates worked Link to Post
GAL Inc Web Developer Intern July - Aug 2008 link
LMI Co-op Jan - May 2010
Sep - Dec 2010
JPMorgan Chase Application Developer July 2011 - Sept 2013 link
Novantas Database Developer June 2014 - Aug 2016
Sept 2016 - March 2017
Axoni Software Developer Dec 2017 - March 2020 link
Amazon Software Developer Sept 2020 - now coming later