GPT-2 Twitter bot


I’ve been loosely following developments in machine learning since the AlexNet days back in 2012. I was particularly excited by OpenAI’s release of GPT-2 in 2019 because it seemed like “the solution for everything”. But sadly, even with the help of the code-first deep learning course at, using GPT-2 was beyond me. It required ops knowledge I did not have to configure AWS instances and CS knowledge I did not have to tune countless parameters. I settled for reading gwern’s monthly newsletters for updates and his work on deep learning, and waiting for the day that GPT-2 would be plug-and-play. That day is here.

I was browsing HN one day and came across this thread that mentioned a new GPT-2 library: aitextgen. This is exactly what I was waiting for! (actually, that day had arrived earlier and the author of aitextgen had written previous versions).

I decided my first project would be creating a Twitter bot that took Joe Biden’s tweets as prompts and responded as Donald Trump. I didn’t have any success with fine-tuning on a dataset of Trump’s tweets, so I “included” all the information I needed in the prompt via magic sauce. It took a lot of fiddling, but I’m satisfied with the final output:

Source code here: