C4's CBP Bitcoin certification - 9 months later

Back in March 2017, I posted about passing the Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) exam by C4. I did this partly out of curiosity and partly hoping it would help in a job search for crypto roles. My curiosity was satisfied, my wallet $73 lighter, and no employers seemed to care. Not surprisingly, what did help during my job search were my understanding of Bitcoin and my crypto sideprojects.

There is a more technical CBX (Certified Bitcoin Expert) exam intended for developers that looks promising: it covers the API and scripting. But given my experience with the usefulness of CBP and the lack of updates in the C4 organization, I would not bother. Since I took the exam 9 months, the only thing that has changed is the exam price \$73 –> \$135. Notably, the last blog post was on June 23, 2016 and the CBX exam has been “coming soon” since CBP was launched back in 2014.

Verdict: Pass on C4 certification